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Leana Bernot & Marius
Pure Line Aesthetic

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Leana Bernot is truly the "Queen of Filler" her decades of Cosmetology & Aesthetic disciplines bar none! She has been invited to practice in many clinics around the UK and we are proud & super excited to have her at our Pop- Up Clinic at The Luxury Touch Godalming. The magnificent couple (Leana & Marius) have transformed skin & boost confidence in many clients in the UK and overseas.  Leana's signature Russian Doll's Lip & Bratz Lips are envied and collowed by other practitioners and her gentle touch has made even the needle phobia's clients very much comfortable and more calm during the procedures. Keep your eyes peeled for the dates of her practice by following us on Facebook & Instagram by clicking the below icons. The places are limited and it's on first comes, first serves basis, a non refundable booking fee of £50 is mandatory to book treatments.

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